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Are you crawling out from your Christmas coma yet? We have been {slowly} coming back to normal life- putting away presents, packing away the massive wrapping station that had set up shop in our basement, eating egg whites and leafy greens to balance the carb-overload of the last week… We’ve even been prepping for New Year’s a little!

In my book, New Year’s might possibly tie with Thanksgiving for the second greatest holiday (after Christmas, of course). I love it. It’s glittery, and full of traditions, and the beginning of a fresh start and an empty planner. Sparkly fresh starts? Yes please!

And this year, we are spending New Year’s Eve watching some dear friends tie the knot (we’re headed to Dallas as you read this, actually). The wedding is a sans kiddos, black tie affair. I can’t wait.

In honor of Grace and Todd’s nuptials on this most sparkly of holidays (and bearing serious resemblance to these J Crew Mona Glitter Pumps that I just adore), I made myself some fabulously glittery shoes. 

In the case that you have Big Plans for New Year’s Eve (even if those plans consist of making Japanese food and playing games as was our family’s custom growing up), I thought I’d share a little how to for the glitter shoes (I found this idea on this wedding site and added my own little glitter paint twist- be sure to check out the original- it’s really great).

You’ll need-
-a pair of heels or two (mine were black and gray patent leather)
-Mod Podge
-fine (or extra-fine) glitter
-glitter paint (optional)
-paint brush

Mix the glitter and Mod Podge. Add in a little glitter paint if you’re feeling wild. Using a paint brush, apply a thin coat of the glitter mixture to your shoes. Let dry completely. Repeat until shoes are completely covered. Make another pair if you please.

And you’re done! Sparkly, glittery, New Year’s Eve-y goodness!

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  1. I did the same to a pair of my daughters shoes, however the glitter flaked off where the shoe creased. Anyone else have the same problem, and know a solution?? Maybe childrens shoes get too much movement….

    1. Hey Misty! After a night of dancing, mine definitely had a few cracks as well. I added another layer of glue/glitter to make them look new, but don’t have any solutions for not making it crack to start.

    1. Hey Missy- since the glitter is mod podged on, there isn’t any glitter ‘on top’ of the shoes, just pasted on (so no mess anywhere!). However, if you spend a whole night dancing in them, there are spots where the glitter cracks and you have to paint on another layer. All around, so great. 🙂

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