kojotutorial- stacked wool cozy trees

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These are some of our favorite Christmas decorations- trees made from stacks of felted wool. They’re easy and look great. Want to make some too?

Make a tree ‘trunk’ by sticking a wooden scewer into a disc of floral foam. Cover the base with a muslin ‘tree skirt’ (just a circle of muslin with a notch in the center for the scewer). Cut a whole pile of felted wool circles in graduated sizes. Cut a little hole in the center of your circles and stack on the scewer, with the biggest circles near the base of your ‘tree trunk.’ Add little squares of felted wool in between felted wool circles (as fillers/height additions). Keep stacking circles and little squares until your tree trunk is full!

And you’re done! Cozy little felt trees to add to your Christmas decor!

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