you are my sunshine print (and wrapping paper covered mat)

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Have I ever told you that I sung the song, “You Are My Sunshine,” for my entire pregnancy with Piper Jane? Couldn’t get that song out of my head! And now, we call the little miss, “Sunshine” (and about twenty other nicknames) as a tribute to my pregnancy-o’-sunshine. 

We made this for her sunshine-y room, but you could make it for pretty much anyone on your list. Even better, it can probably be made with items you have on hand right now!

To make this You Are My Sunshine framed print (with a wrapping paper covered mat), you’ll need:
-an 8×10 frame, painted to match your color palette (I spray painted mine coral)
-an old cereal box
-wrapping paper in your color palette
-glue and scissors
-the You Are My Sunshine print (click on the link for the free printable)

First, we are going to make the wrapping paper covered mat (I’ve also used wallpaper and it works great!). Trace an existing 8×10 photo mat (or just trace the outside of the 8×10 frame insert for the outside edge and a smaller frame in the center if you don’t have a photo mat on hand) onto an old cereal box. Cut out your ‘mat.’

Trace onto wrapping paper that matches the color palette you’ve chosen (the You Are My Sunshine print is all grays and yellows, so anything that matches yellow and gray will work. Cut out, leaving a perimeter of at least 1/2″. Also, cut out the center piece, again leaving a 1/2″ perimeter.

For the inner rectangle, cut at an angle toward each corner. For the outside rectangle, trim notches into each corner so that your wrapping paper doesn’t overlap and make bulk.

Glue the mat onto the wrapping paper, using your traced lines as a guide for placing your mat.

Fold each of the sides along the traced lines. Glue in place.

Your mat is finished! Easy, right? You might even want to make another (see the two different mat options below).

Print out the You Are My Sunshine free printable onto high quality cardstock (I love Crane’s cotton paper). Trim to 8″x10″.

Place your print in your (already spray painted to coordinate) frame.

Give to your Sunshine(s)! Fabulous, nearly-free decor? Yes please!

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