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Happy Monday, friends. As I sew my little toosh off to finish my SYTYCS finale project, I have quite the treat for you.

In celebration of the best readers ever (and our move to WordPress!), we are hosting a giant giveaway-palooza– just for you.

Want to see what you could win?

A 6 pack of patterns from Whimsy Couture ($35 value). A couple that I’d order? The knot dress and the knit leggings– so darling!


One of four patterns from Pink Poodle Bows. A couple of my favorites? The ruffled bloomers, the Grace Apron Dress and the Bailey Romper. Oh my cute!


A $25 gift certificate to Violette Field Threads. I’ve tried a couple of their patterns (and love them)! A couple on my Try Next list? The Audrey dress (so classic), the Molly Jacket (that Peter Pan collar kills me).

A Shortcake Reversible Dress and Romper Pattern from The Cottage Mama. I love. this. pattern. y’all (that’s why Piper Jane has three of this dress hanging in her closet right now). You’ll love it too.

One of four patterns from MADE. I lovelovelove the Can Can skirt and can’t get over the fabulousness of the Rollie Pollie, but any of Dana’s patterns would be great additions to your pattern repertoire!

And to match all of the pattern goodness, one lucky entrant will also win a $25 gift certificate from Fashionable Fabrics. They carry all sorts of lovely goodness- tons of my favorite Joel Dewberry, some gorgeous Lizzy House,Β  Anna Maria Horner fabulousness, a great selection of Japanese prints, and loads of other goodness!

There are two ways to enter this giveaway palooza (giveaway closes Thursday 1/26 at midnight MST)-

1- Leave a comment about which patterns (or fabric) you’d choose from Whimsy Couture, Violette Field Threads, Pink Poodle, MADE, and Fashionable Fabrics.

2- Follow the new kojo blog ( and leave a comment saying so!

We’ll draw TWELVE winners on Thursday night- good luck!

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  1. How can you not love the Kitchy Kitchen Ric Rac in Coral by Blend Fabrics at Fashionable Fabrics? It would make such a fun, bright quilt or pillows!

  2. Love you, ladies! Ohhh… would so enjoy dressing my Gwennie in lovlies made from the Violette Fields patterns!

  3. Well, if I have to choose just one from each: I adore the knot dress from Whimsy Couture, the Audrey Dress drom Violette Field Threads, the ruffle pants from Cottage Mama, the Can-Can skirt from MADE, and any fabric from Fashionable Fabrics! Thanks for the chance to win! I adore ALL the patterns!

  4. any of the bright and wonderful fabrics from fashionable fabrics would be amazing! and i love those patterns, my kids need new things sewn for them and i am sure those patterns would provide ample opportunity to do that! thanks for the giveaway!

  5. My favorite pattern is the Shortcake Romper and my favorite fabrics are the pink scooter and bicycle prints from Timeless Treasures! So cute!

  6. Oh my! I had so much fun looking through all of these! Let’s see, I love the knit leggings from Whimsy, The Audrey Dress from Violette Fields Threads, the Beach Robe from MADE, the Reversible Romper from Cottage Mama and the Sweet Broderie Cutsie Moasic in pink. What a wonderful giveaway! Thanks!

  7. Hello! I am following you over at your lovely new site!! (like I wouldn’t make the jump????) Very nice, very nice indeed! I used Google reader, instead of the Friend connect so we shall see what happens in a few months.

  8. I absolutely adore the California Dreaming in Palm Springs Pink! I can imagine all kinds of cute things to make (to include a new apron for myself!!)

  9. Oh what would I choose? The knot dress, the can-can skirt, the reversible dress (LOVE), the molly jacket (Can I make it in my size!?) It would be hard to choose!

  10. congratulations on your move! i just subscribed to the new site, and would love to make any of the adorable clothes for my little one! thanks for the contest!

  11. Wow…what a hard choice, but I love the Good Life Bird Gages in Garden by Wooster & Prince from the Fashionable Fabrics website. It would be adorable to use to make some much-needed oven mitts!

    Thanks so much for the give-away!

  12. HI
    The Woodlands Clouds on Teal by Anthology Fabrics
    British Subway Map by Timeless Treasures
    Sweet Guitars by Michael Miller
    The Cassette Tapes by Timeless Treasures
    Tweet Tweet Michael Miller
    Thanks for the chance to win

  13. Thanks for the chance to win! I would chose the knit leggings from Whimsy Couture, the Bailey Romper from Pink Poodle Bow the Audrey dress from Violet Field Threads, I love the Heirloom Blockage Blossom fabric by Joel Dewberry on Fasionable Fabrics, and I love the Beach Robe pattern on MADE. Thanks again for the chance to win and the awesome new sites to explore!

  14. Oh, the fabrics are all so lovely! Fashionable Fabrics has so many adorable designs, I would LOVE to get some chicken-themed ones to make new curtains for my kitchen!

  15. Here’s just some of what I love:

    –Whimsy Couture – peasant top
    –Pink Poodle – Reece Peasant Dress
    –Violette Threads – Audrey
    –Cottage Mama – Twirl Skirt
    –MADE – beach robe
    –Fashionable Fabric – palm springs pink, half moon layer cake

  16. I love all of the patterns and like many of the patterns, but I really love the Hoos in the Forest Strawberries by Riley Blake. I’d love to make my sweet princess a dress out of that fabric.

  17. Congratulations on the move! How exciting!!! The new site looks fabulous! : )

    I am a longtime follower of kojo designs and would be thrilled to win this fabulous giveaway!!! Thanks for the chance.

  18. It’s a tough decision all of those gals are fabulous! I love the Pink Poodles bloomers and my son would love a rollie pollie from Made.

  19. I love the Strip Work Dress from Pink Poodle Bows. I already have probably 90% of the Violette Field Threads patterns! I adore them!!!

  20. Those are really cute patterns for little girls. I have 2 small granddaughters and they would look really cute in them. I really like the reversible dress, knot dress and the ruffled bloomers. I like the fabrics from Moda and Michael Miller just to name a couple. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  21. Way too hard to choose from all the lovely fabrics. I’d probably choose several from the remnants – like the Mid Mod Daisy and the Lilli Dots. So many great prints!
    Thanks for the giveaway. πŸ™‚

  22. I would choose:

    Made: Can Can Skirt
    VF: Audrey or Adele Dress Pattern
    Whimsy Couture: Ruffled Dress Pattern
    Pink Poodle: Reese Peasant Dress Pattern
    Fashionable Fabrics: Lush Flower (But really, they are all beautiful)

  23. I’m with you – the Bailey Romper is SO cute. Especially with the “Elephants on Parade” fabric by Timeless Treasures!

  24. Oh my, I’ve been entering every giveaway that I can for Violette Fields – there are waaaay too many patterns that I want to try out! And fabric? I’m a fabric addict! I’ve got three girls to sew for, so this would be so perfect!

  25. Fun Giveaway!! I love the Molly Jacket, the Bloomers, and The Knot Dress, along with all the bright fun fabrics! I have several little neighbor girls that I would love to sew for! πŸ™‚

    Thanks for the AWESOME Blog!!

  26. I’d love to get the rollie pollie pattern from MADE. And I’m sure I’d have no problem spending the fabric gift certificate.

  27. I love the Petti Ruffle Tank & Dress from Whimsy Couture, the Girls Pants pattern, Sewing Pattern from Pink Poodle Bows, the Viola from Violette Field, The Beach Robe from Made. And my favorite fabric on Fashion Fabric is absolutely the Kumari Garden Tarika in Gem by Dena Designs!!

  28. I had too much fun looking at these sites. From Fashionable Fabrics, I’m pretty sure I would have to have Animal Treats Dogs on blue by Hoffman Fabrics. From MADE, the beach robe is so cute. Violette Field has the Lucy pants. I don’t even have a girl, but I would make those for my friends! From Pink Poodle, the Fleece Aviator hats are so cute, I think my son would love it. And from Whimsy Couture, I was torn- I think the marshmallow pet bed would have to be made for my two cats and dog. πŸ™‚

  29. If i was to win a pattern it would be the Rollie-Pollie because I’ve had my eye on it for a long time but I’m afraid to buy it fear that I won’t follow through and then I’d feel guilty for spending the money on it.

    I subscribed via Reader.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  30. This is such a tough decision!

    whimsy couture: knot dress
    pink poodle bows: baby romper
    violet field threads: vivienne skirt (to die for!)
    the cottage mama: janey jumper
    made: can-can skirt
    fashionable fabrics: little apples little apple tree (grey)

  31. I’d choose the pillowcase and retro romper patterns from Whimsy Couture, the apron dress pattern from Pink Poodle Bows, the Molly coat pattern from Violette Field Threads, definitely the Janey Jumper pattern from the Cottage Moma, and some Japanese print or Joel Dewberry fabric from Fashionable Fabrics! Can I have it all, please?

  32. How can you choose just one? I love them all…and my lil girl would just love to be able to dress in any and all of the above lol πŸ™‚

  33. I would choose the Petti Ruffle tank and dress, Riley Ruffle Top dress, the Chloe dress or the Molly Jacket, Reversible Romper, from MADE I would probably choose the Can Can skirt, and from Fashionable Fabrics I Heart Cute Bots in blue by Rashida! Those are hard decisions. So many cute things!! I hope I win!!!

  34. The ruffled pants from cottage mama are adorable! I would love to make these for the little girl I nanny!

  35. I love the knot dress from whimsey, The Criss-Cross Avery Dress from pink poodle, the audrey dress from violet fields, & the reversible dress from cottage mama, the can can skirt from made & I would love to get my hands on some of Joel Dewberry’s fabrics!!!

  36. Oh my so many awesome things to choose from:
    Whimsy Couture – I love the Peasant tops/dresses with 3/4 & long sleeves! Super Cute!
    Violette Field Threads – The Vivienne Skirt is adorable!
    Pink Poodle – I love the Chelsea Romper!
    MADE – the Can Can Skirt looks fun!
    Fashionable Fabrics – I love the Rendezvous Rose Garden in Teal by Anthology Fabrics

  37. Uuum I have been wanting the Audrey dress pattern from Violette Fields FOREVER!!!! And I would love love love to make a Rollie Pollie or a beach robe for my kids from MADE too.

  38. I would choose the e-reader pattern from pink poodle and some fabric by hoodie to make some. I love morning call roosters and morning call coffee for fabric! thanks for the lovely giveaway!

  39. I love the Woodlands Clouds on Teal fabric by Anthology. I would love to make my cousins some dresses – like the Audrey Dress. thank you.

  40. I love, love, LOVE new patterns! I am thinking about something like bean bags, so the rollie pollie pattern would be perfect, but I would use any and all of them! Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  41. I would use any and all of these patterns, but the rollie pollie would be perfect, as I was already planning on making something similar! Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  42. Its a major toss up, but I think I have to have the Molly Jacket. I might need to buy it even if I don’t win it!

  43. I love the ruffled bloomers from Whimsy Couture and of course the fabric from Fashionable Fabrics. Those yellow flags are adorable! Followed kojo on FB!

  44. I follow your blog, always with eager anticipation to see what wonderful things you will make next, and which ones I can copy for myself!

  45. Whimsy Couture: I like the Ruffled Neckline Top/Dress.
    Pink Poodle Bows: The Romper is fun!
    Violette Field Threads: The Molly Coat is too cute!
    The Cottage Mamma: I would love to make my little miss a sweet little dress like Piper’s!
    Made: I want to make the Rollie Pollie!
    Fashionable Fabrics: I would love the cover my kitchen chair pads in High Society Hannah.

  46. What a fantastic giveaway, so many prizes! I adore Violette Field Threads, for Chriztmas I treated my self to 3 of their patterns, and can’t wait to start them, but I would pick the Felicity flower or Viola. I’d love the Hooded jacket at Whimsey. And I love the Little Apples collection at fashionable fabrics.

  47. I’ve had my eye on the knit leggings pattern from Whimsy Couture and the Rollie Pollie pattern from Made for a while. So many great patterns and fabrics though. What a great giveaway!

  48. My wish list:
    Whimsey Couture:Petite Ruffle tank & dress
    Violette Field Threads:Chloe
    Pink Poodle Bows: Madison Dress
    The Cottage Mama: Janey Jumper
    Made: Can Can Skirt
    Fashionable Fabrics: – Love all fabric! Passionate about Art Gallery!

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  49. I’d love the Shortcake pattern and anything from Violette Field other than the Molly jacket; I made it this weekend!

  50. I was just looking at Whimsy Couture last night and was about to buy the ruffle neck dress/top. I love the Cottage Mama jumper/shortall and am very happy to find Pink Poodle designs. I am all about kids clothes right now.

  51. Love, love, love it all, but Daisy Cottage by Riley Blake would be precious in the Molly Jacket by Violet Field threads!! Thank you!!

  52. I would definitely try the knot dress! It is too cute! I am also following you…no matter how commonplace this is now, it still sounds kinda creepy:)

  53. Wow – what wonderful prizes! All look gorgeous, but I’m particularly drawn to the Violet Field Threads patterns (I’m digging the Peter Pan collar these days myself.) I’m new to sewing and have slowly been discovering all you fabulous designers on Pinterest. Thank you for sharing your designs and wisdom!

  54. I have wanted the beach robe from Dana at MADE for awhile but everything you have posted is all so cute- anything would be great!

  55. WOW!! Love so many of the patterns I could not choose just one. Iwould definitely love to make one of the cute dresses for my little girl. My husband just bought me a sewing machine so I would LOVE to win this great prize!!

  56. What a SUPER giveaway! Here are my picks. 1. Puff Ruffle dress pattern. 2. Vivenne skirt, love it. 3. Janey Jumper. 4. Rollie pollie, been eyeing this pattern for months now. For the fabrics, My baby boys just moved into their own bedroom that hasn’t been decorated at all so I need the chevron fabric in lime and aqua by Moda. Thanks for the giveaway!

  57. I would pick the Rollie Pollie. We have a very large bean bag that my Twins love playing on. It would be awesome for them to have their own.

  58. I would choose:
    MADE: Rollie Pollie
    Violette Field Threads: Audrey Dress
    Whimsy Couture: Knot Dress
    Pink Poodle Bows: Grace Apron Dress
    Fashionable Fabrics: Lilli Dots

  59. Wow! What a giveaway! Let’s see… how do i even pick?! They are all such amazing pattern companies! I have been dying for the Can Can pattern!

  60. I would love the beach robe pattern or the can can skirt from MADE! Great give-away; thank you to you and your sponsers!

  61. Oh my gosh this is the best giveaway ever! I love all you are offering. The fabrics are amazing and the patters especially VFT are my favorite. I really hope I win, it is so nice to get some inspiration from a giveaway.

  62. Ah Geez!!!! i have to start backwards while the fabric is still fresh on my mind! i am a fabric it and saw so many that i liked!!! I love all the Japanese fabrics, the Giraffe love by MM, LOVE the Circa 1934 Chaplin red and the Dots by Cosmo Cricket, LOVE the dressmaker Labels and the Dressmaker Buttons by Red Rooster but I think my favorite would be the dressmaker Patchwork and Dressmaker Notions by red Rooster because I would make an awesome bag with those!!!
    I own so many Whimsey Couture patterns but I’d still love to have her Knit Leggings and her Retro Romper, I own several from Pink Poodle as well but would love to own the Reese Peasant dress and the Hannah Dress. I don’t own any violet Fields patterns YET, but i have had my eye on that molly jacket and the Chloe dress Pattern so I’d love to have those! from Cottage Mama i’d choose the love Reversible Romper and I have lots of tutorials from made but have always wanted to purchase her Vacation Dress and Shortie pattern and Can Can Skirt Pattern!
    I think I covered it all!

  63. I think I’d love the Rollie Pollie pattern from Made, but do not hold me to it as there are other great ones that may strike my fancy as well. I need some yardage of the Sweet Nothings fabric line by Riley Blake to finish a project, but in all reality I’d spend several minutes deciding how to spend a $25 certificate!

  64. wow-tough choice, can i just say all?? love the grace apron dress from pink poodle, the pink scooter fabric is adorable, my 6 yr old would go gaga over dana’s can can skirt and the knit leggings from whimsy couture!

  65. Thanks for showing a couple sites I wasn’t aware of yet. I loved everything at Violette Field, especially the Ava Flower. I’ve been wanting to get the beach robe pattern from Dana at MADE for months now, and I’d choose something from the Japanese Fabric if I won the gift certificate from Fashionable Fabrics. Thanks for the giveaway!

  66. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ this is how i feel about all of the patterns and fabrics! i would be thrilled with all of them… how can i choose?!

  67. Oh MY!!! I have three girls and all the patterns are adorable! I love the Molly Jacket, the Can-Can skirt, the Grace Apron dress and that is just a few!!!:)

  68. Here are my favorites: whimsy couture- knot dress, pink poodle bows- knot dress, violet fields- molly jacket, cottage mama-floral sweet dress, made-summer vacation dress, fashionable fabrics- so hard to choose! guess it would depend on the project, but I’m liking the valori wells dahlia in teal from the nest collection.

  69. California Dreamin’ in Palm Springs Pink – LOVE the colors and design – that would be my first pick – also from Whimsy Couture, the Bubble Romper is SO cute! SO many great sites and patterns – I’m in LOVE! Thanks for the chance to win!

  70. That can-can skirt is adorable! And the Molly jacket is so sweet. I would love to make it for my 3 year old. I love all these giveaways!

  71. I would choose the Mommy and Me Pillow case tops from whimsy couture, the Bailey Romper from Pink Poodle Bows; the Audrey dress from Violet Field Threads; the Can Can skirt from Made and for fabric I loved the California Dreamin by Jeanean Morrison. The Fabric was only from the first page, if I went any further I would not be able to choose because I love so many different ones!!!

  72. I am following your new Blog!!! I love all of the things that you guys create!! I have several pinned to try:)

  73. Here are my favorites:
    Whimsy Couture- Petti Ruffle Tank & Dress
    Pink Poodle Bows-Grace Apron Dress
    Violet Fields-Love the Chloe and Adelle Dresses
    Cottage Momma- Janey Jumper
    Made- Can Can Skirt
    Fashionable Fabrics- Sweet Broderie Cutesy Mosaic in blue

  74. Thanks for the generous giveaway.
    My wish list:
    Whimsey Couture: Knot dress
    Violette Field Threads: Adele dress
    Pink Poodle Bows: Madison Dress
    The Cottage Mama: Janey Jumper
    Made: Can Can Skirt
    Fashionable Fabrics: – Love all fabric!

  75. The Vintage Cape from Whimsy COuture, the Bella dress from PinkPoodle Bows, the Molly Jacket from Violette Fields, the Beach Robe from MADE and the Get Together Birds and FLowers on Gray from Fashionable fabrics would be my choices!

  76. Um, did you just KNOW I was planning my spring/summer sewing for my girls?? πŸ™‚
    Here are my picks:
    Whimsy Couture: I love the ruffled neckline tops/dresses, but my girl who loves to twirl will veto that for one of the twirling dresses, I know.
    Violette Field Threads: The Viola Dress
    Pink Poodle Bows: The knot dress
    Cottage Mama: Oh gosh the jumper is adorable!
    MADE: The Summer vacation dress (though that can-can skirt looks good for twirling!)
    And though I’m overwhelmed by the fabric choices at Fashionable Fabrics, I really like the Lush Twirling Blossoms in Raspberry. It caught my eye right away.

  77. And though it took me awhile to realize you have moved (I’ve been under a rock, it wasn’t your fault), I have updated my reader with your new location.

  78. Oh my, too many cute things! I’ve been eyeing the Joel Dewberry Aviary fabrics for a long time! And that Bailey romper from Pink Poodle Bows? Adorable and practical! Love it!

  79. I would love anything from any of those sites!! I love Violet Field–their patterns for little girls are adorable (my mom buys a lot of them and I secretly plot how to steal them without her noticing their absence πŸ™‚ ).

  80. I would love to win a pattern from Violette Fields Patterns. I love the Vivienne Skirt, Vivienne also happens to be my daughter’s name!

    I have also had my eye on the can can skirt by Made!

    alissaschade (at) hotmail (dot) com

  81. Howdy! I have been looking and looking at these website and their stuff is off the hook!! lol Anyway, lots to choose from but, whimsy: detachable ruffle apron, frilly kids apron, custom w/appliques,,,you don’t want me to go on then from pink poodle bows i like diaper cover ruffles, bailey romper, grace apron, easy pants chelsea romper….from MADE: rollie pollie is a must, and summer dress, and OMG the fabric the list goes on….just to name a few of my favs: Elephant showers on navy
    Kitchy kitchen ric rac, Sweet tooth candy shop, How, tweet it is bird , Half moon modern cheveron, If She Sews She Knows…thanks for the opportunity. πŸ™‚

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