an all store bought treat table

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I can’t say this enough- I love treat buffets. My sweet tooth is delighted by the rows of candy, cookies and cupcakes. I  also love the way a treat buffet can easily be the star of the party decor.

Even with the many (many!) fabulous parts of the treat buffet, there are a couple of drawbacks. First of all, depending on the treats, they can be very expensive. But, also, oh my are they a lot of work.

Enter the All Store Bought Treat Buffet. This thing could change my life, y’all. Glory, sheer glory. It’s inexpensive (like less than $30 for everything!), delicious, and so easy.

To make your next treat buffet both fabulous and easy, collect-

-Oreos ($2.50)

-Dove chocolate squares ($3)

-Fruit snacks ($2)

-Kit Kat, Butterfinger and Almond Joy eight packs ($3)

-Pepperidge farm cookie variety box- Milanos, Chessmans, Genevas, Brussels, Tahitis ($10)

-Double chocolate cookies ($3)

-M&Ms ($3)

-A box of chocolates ($2.50)

-Ghiardelli’s chocolate squares ($3)

-Red velvet cupcakes and mini cupcakes (I didn’t buy these, I made them… but you could just as easily buy them)

***These are, of course, just suggestions. Anything that looks pretty all set up (chocolates, cookies, etc.) works perfectly.

A few tips for putting together the treats-

1- Not all treats are created equally. Cookies and candies that look pretty lined up in rows, displayed on platters, or stacked in jars are the best choices.

2- Love the layers. Stacks of cookies (layers of different kinds) in jars make a pretty display.

3- Add party appropriate signage to customize the treat buffet. Cupcake wrappers, water bottle wraps, food and drink labels in the palette of the party make the treat buffet feel more tailored (and less grocery store-esque).

All from a grocery store- can you believe it? It is sheer goodness, y’all. Low maintenance goodness (and isn’t that the best kind?). Any suggestions for other store bought treats to fill a buffet?

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  1. Thanks for this!!
    Btw this may not interest you… but I’ve looong time wanted jeans lined with fleece for those cold winters we usually have but that somehow managed to skip us this year… anyway, I was thinking I could surely make some. But would it be hard to line the inside? I need a craft seamstress to help me…

    1. Hey darling girl!
      I don’t think it’d be hard to line some jeans with fleece. In fact, I think Dana at Made has a lined pants tutorial (for a little boy). I bet you could use that one to figure it out. 🙂
      Let me know if you do it!

  2. Lovely….can you tell me about the hanging wall art behind
    the treat table….is this featured elsewhere so that I
    can see whether these are stitched together book pages or
    fabric or?.what about the striped fabric ribbon loops which are attached to the top…are these wide bought ribbons or
    strips of bias fabric or….? thanks

    1. Hey Annie!
      The backdrop is pages from a vintage curious george book, stitched together. I also stitched ribbon loops to the top of each ‘panel.’ Super easy! 🙂

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