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First of all, wasn’t that post from kirst so sweet? It made me cry. I miss her terribly too and our unreliable internet makes it even worse. I do have an awesome husband who has gone to the phone company a gazillion times to try to get some action. He even pulled some strings to bypass the local office and spoke directly to headquaters in the capital and they are sending a technician our way soon…not because he really cares that much about fast internet, but because he knows I need to be able to talk to my family. Sweet guy, that Drew.

So in regards to life here, internet access is definitely not my favorite thing, but let me show you some things I do love:
 I love love love bouganvilleas. My grandma had one in her house when I was young and the dainty blooms always seemed so exotic. Here, they grow like weeds and bloom (almost) year round. They are a constant reminder of her and I love seeing them and everywhere. Plus, they add a bold pop of color to the tan landscape, which is very welcome.

 The lack of any familiar restaurants in our town can be a negative, but I also love cooking so learning how to cook things from scratch is always fun! Would you be interested in me sharing these recipes? I don’t know if it would be appealing at all if you live close enough to a store to just buy all the items I am learning to make, but I would be willing to share all that I find!

 As much as I love the winter and am sad to not be bundling up and sipping hot drinks, afternoons at the beach in 80 degree weather have been fantastic!

 As kirst mentioned, the oldest “cake-pop” hasn’t been doing great, but I am thrilled to say that she is settling into her new school very well. She is now going to a international school with English and Arabic instruction. Hopefully, getting settled at school is just the ticket for this little one to find her groove.

 The thing I love most about being here is being with our dear friends again. Chase is Drew’s business partner and they moved here a couple months before we did. Our girls love Aunt Britt and and Uncle Chase and it makes my heart so happy to see them together again. Evie has a special affection for Chase and he is one of the only (maybe the only…) people she will cuddle with. Melt my heart.

So, even though life right now is a bit hard and I am missing home and family like crazy, we are also thankful for our life here! How about you? What are some things you are loving this week? Hope you have a happy Sunday!

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  1. Not having good communication makes it very tough. I’m very sorry for you for that. Happy for int’l school and also sorry this adjustment has been hard for her.

    As for us, we would LOVE the scratch recipes. We have been through the stretch of making everything from scratch (even some really awful cheese and crackers). When necessity calls… It’s probably selfish but I would love to see how you do it and to have them on record. J.I.C. (Just in case in Georgia-ese).
    Peace out,

  2. Jordan – thank you for posting that picture of the Bougainvilleas. They remind me so much of Mom and we just don’t get to see them that often. Any little reminder of her is so precious to me. Sending love your way!

  3. Very interested in ways you are learning to make or make do where you are, Jordan. Moved to Rwanda last fall with hubby and kids, and there are so many things that are just hard to find or make. Forget about most Internet recipes, we just can’t get the ingredients. (So glad I knew how to make good tortillas before coming here!) Recipes, household cleaners, ways to make do, fun and cheap party ideas — bring them on, please!

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