kojo tutorial- DIY cake pop stand

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With my love for all things Cake Pop (and their frequent party appearances), I’ve been meaning to come up with a quick and easy (and cheap!) DIY Cake Pop Stand for awhile now. After putting a few functional-yet-easy-on-the-eyes cake pop stands together for Adam’s grad party, I’m sorry I waited so long to make them.

To DIY a cake pop stand for your next party, you’ll need-

-a floral foam ring or disc (I got all of mine at Dollar Tree- the small discs come in a two-pack)

-two pieces of 12×12 double sided cardstock (mine was printed, but you could use a solid color as well)

-a small circle punch

-a marker

On the back side of one piece of cardstock, trace your ring/disc.

Cut out you’re the traced circle. Also, cut one of your pieces of cardstock in half, resulting in two 6”x12” pieces of cardstock.

Punch holes around the perimeter of the circle, approximately the same distance apart (I eyeballed it, but you could measure it out and then punch).

Place the 6”x12” piece of cardstock around the outside of the disc and tape together (mine didn’t reach all the way around, so it needed an extra little ‘patch’ of cardstock- if you have the same size foam ring, a 6”x4” extra piece of paper will do. I didn’t even use the same pattern [ran out] and it looked fine). Make sure that the cardstock stands up above the ring by at least a couple of inches. Slide the punched circle inside the lip of the cardstock perimeter.

The rim of cardstock creates a little dish (with a foam base, ready for cake pops to be pushed in). Fill the center with candy (I used gumballs, but you could also use jelly beans, lemon heads, nerds, even white dry beans).

Press the cake pops into the foam and you’re done!

ps- I used this same method to make the lollipop stands as well. I think you could also use this same system to make a stand for some oh-so-trendy Push Pops. The possibilities are endless (well, not endless, but could apply to all party food on a stick!).

ppss- Thanks for all of the safe-travel wishes and prayers. Good news- we made it here to Jord’s safely (and the kids were rock star travelers- even when we had to stay in London for nine extra hours)! All of your emails and comments and FB messages are such an encouragement- thank you. I’m sure there are a flurry of trip pics to come.

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