hyatti: gearing up for the fourth

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The fourth of july is one of my absolute favorite holidays. I love the relaxed feel, the food, the decor, the fireworks, the patriotic touches… everything about it makes me happy.

I decided this year that, just because we don’t live in the Good Ol’ US of A, doesn’t mean we can’t have a kickin’ 4th of July party! So, I sent out a mass text to any an all Americans I know and invited them all over for some barbecue and a celebration of our wonderful country.

Kirst’s friends were so sweet and sent over a ton of 4th party supplies with her, I have been pinning everything red, white and blue  I come across, and the girls and I have started making all sorts of 4th decor. My favorite has to be these little lanterns strung on a garland.

But I need your help. Any ideas on how to incorporate fireworks in a desert where fireworks are not sold/illegal? I know there are whole areas of the U.S.A. in terrible drought this year, so some of you won’t be able to enjoy the fireworks either, but this part of the 4th is one of my favorite elements, so I’d like to incorporate it somehow.

Any suggestions on things to make that will pop, bang, boom, crackle, or in any other way resemble fireworks would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. What about getting glow sticks in red, white, and blue, or sparklers? If you could get your hands on some glow sticks, there are all kinds of neat ideas on Pinterest. You could take the idea for fairy jars on Pinterest, using glow sticks and diamond glitter and make them in red, white, and blue.

    1. Those look amazing! I started saving toilet paper rolls a couple weeks ago with something similar in mind. GREAT to have the tutorial, Thanks!

  2. we live in Texas and were part of the severe drought last year. At our get together, they made the Diet Coke & Mentos fountains. The kids loved ’em. There is a crazy Youtube video of choreographed Diet Coke & Mentos explosions that is very cool. Ours didn’t have music or anything, but it was an “explosion” none the less. Not sure if you have access or diet coke or mentos??

  3. We could not do fireworks last year because of drought so we used red, white and blue glow sticks. My kids would all throw them into the air at the count of three to make their own “fireworks” then they would run and gather them up to do it all over again. They had the best time.

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