red tutorial- little scarlett ruffled outfit

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Today’s guests, Jen and Autie from icandy handmade, are a talented lot. We love their little kid sewing projects (like this three-part harmony dress,the Winter Rose dress, and the petal dress), and also their grown up sewing projects (love this t-shirt dress). They love knock offs like we do (this little J Crew-y dress is fabulous, and I ADORE this anthro-inspired number!)

We are so lucky to have these talented women here today as our Color Your Summer RED guests with a seriously fabulous “Little Scarlett Ruffled Number.”

Hello Color My Summer!
Jen and I have been anticipating this project for months, and way back when,
when we were supposed to pick our color, the options were wide open…we had the pick of the litter.  When we thought of summer, though, we both thought: Red.

Now, when it came to project pickin’ time, and we were trying to decide the ‘who for’ and the ‘what’,
Jen’s brain was working like a champ!  I just had a baby…she’s 7 weeks old, and
guess what her name is?!?
Of course, we knew who we were sewing for!  (duh, right)
The what was inspired by {this little number}
and so we present…
 The Little Scarlet Number
it’s tiny, it’s red, it’s ruffly…and it’s perfect on my little miss Scarlet!


Want to make one?Materials:

1 yard knit fabric (size 3mo.)

more for bigger size





































First, I can’t get over how cute this is! Also, don’t forget to stop by at delia creates for an adorable red baby bonnet today.

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    1. So true! Sewing talent, I tell you (I’m always impressed by the way the iCandy girls always get their stripes right too!). 🙂

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