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Today’s guest, Heather from Whipperberry, is not only insanely talented (have you seen her globe makeover? Or these sponge bombs? Or these fabulous felted wool garlands?), she also has quite the cache of yummy recipes (this vanilla bean donut recipe is next on my sweets-to-make list) and makes amazing printables (love the Father’s Day ones!). Also, we share an affection for gorgeous gift wrapping (I consider this an indication of good taste- haha). All of this, and Heather is also genuine and hilarious and humble. In short, I love her.

Even better, Miss Heather is here today with a tutorial for red love bugs-

Hello all my kojodesigns friends… I am Heather from WhipperBerry and I’m thrilled to share my red project with you guys!

I have always gravitated to the color red and when I think of red I think of lady bugs.  I LOVE lady bugs. Today I thought I would share a fun little project that you can do with your little bugs. It’s a fun way to make gift tags, dressed-up clothes pins, you can make a garland, thank you cards, you can even put a love bug on your nails! All you need to do is gather up some fun supplies…

For these love bug tags and clothes pins I used red craft paint {I used Martha Stewart Craft Paint by Plaid}, the bottom of a eraserless color pencil, tags, yarn, bakers twine, lace, a black fine tip marker pen and clothes pins.

Small Love Bugs

For the small love bugs, I used the bottom of an eraserless colored pencil.  I dipped the bottom of the pencil in a small amount of paint and then, going strait down, stamp the pretty little red circle on the paper. Repeat with as many little bugs as you would like.  Let the paint dry completely.

Large Love Bug

For the large love bug, you will dip your thumb or finger in the paint and then make cute little thumb and fingers prints on your tag, card or whatever you are making. Again, let paint dry completely.

Bring your Love Bugs to Life

Once your paint is dry, it’s time to bring your love bugs to life. Take your black fine tipped marker pen {I used a fine tip Sharpie} and draw antennae on top of the love bug. Then draw a curved T for the body and then add some cute little love bug dots.

I dressed up my tags with lace, yarn and bakers twine then I used some black ink and my favorite rolling alphabet stamp to stamp LOVE BUG on my tags and voila, you have the cutest little love bugs to share with your favorite love!

I hope you are all having a fabulously colorful summer so far. I would love to have you swing by WhipperBerry for more creative fun.  Here are some more fun projects from…


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Lovelovelove! And don’t forget to go say hi at for more RED goodness (a tension rod puppet theater)!

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  1. Hello girls! Sounds as you are having quite a great time! I am a subscriber to Heathers site,Whipperberry. Yes, she has many clever ideas and it is great that I now have a new clever creater to add to my list,thanks Kirsten! Yahooooooo girls,,have a great afternoon! ~ Holly

    1. Holly- so nice to meet you! I love Heather (isn’t she great?) and am so glad you stopped by! 🙂

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