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 This summer, while we have nothing going on, some friends and I (and the hubs, pictured here) are doing “photography bootcamp” together. That basically means I have put together a list of roughly 5,000,000 articles from the wonderful world wide web for everyone to read that will help us all understand photography better. We started with the basics and have been adding a bit more information every class. We will be meeting for 8 classes total covering everything from how to hold a camera, to exposure and composition, to shooting in manual mode.
 This particular class was all about shutter speed so we took turns jumping for each other (yes, in the blazing heat) in order drive the point home. In my opinion the best way to learn more about photography is apply what you are learning by taking loads of pictures!

It really has been a blast teaching (and learning more!) about photography.

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  1. Some great photos. I wish I was good at photography, but I kind of get confused by all the technical stuff. The trouble is I love good photos and are never happy with my own. I keep asking the hubs to teach me, but he hasn’t – yet!

    1. Thanks, Claire. I know it can be super confusing, but there are some great online resources for beginners out there! is a great place to start!

  2. Love these pictures – especially the one of Drew. I never thought of him as a ninja until now…and I don’t think I’ll think of him another way for a while! What form!!!

    1. Georgia- I’m with you about her sharing (actually, I am planning on doing photo boot camp). I’ll put them on here if I get the lessons! 🙂

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