kojo tutorial- cloth napkins with utensil holders

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When I saw this “Reunion” fabric line (by Sweetwater for Moda Fabrics) at Southern Fabric, my first thought was of backyard entertaining- the classic palette, plethora of geometrics, and even a bunting or two have such a great summer-y vibe.

With several fat quarters from this line, I whipped up some cloth napkins with a utensil holder/tab that are perfect for backyard barbeques (the convenience of securing the fork/spoon/knife right onto the napkin is especially great for eating-while-standing-and chatting). The cloth napkins were a huge hit at a barbeque we hosted this week; I couldn’t be more pleased with their looks-meets-function-ability.

To make a set of these cloth napkins for your next barbeque-

Grab a pile of fat quarters (I made sixteen cloth napkins and used eight fat quarters). The Reunion line is great for this project (though, I also love the idea of a set of napkins in the Lucy’s Crab Shack line, or perhaps the Lark line for a baby shower, or this Aviary 2 line for fall)!

Lay out your fat quarter- they measure 22″x18″. Cut off a 4″x18″ rectangle on the long edge, using your cut to make the fat quarter into an 18″x18″ square.

Next, cut the 18″ square into four equal 9″x9″ squares.

Take a couple of the 4″x18″ rectangles and press in half, right sides facing in. Sew along the open edge.

Then, cut the ‘tube’ of fabric into fourths (making about 4.5″ lengths of tube each).

Turn all of the little tubes inside out, press flat with the seam in the middle of the back side, and top stitch along each edge for a finished look (these will be your utensil tabs). Make as many tabs as you have napkins.

Then pair the 9″ squares with a coordinating print. Pin a utensil tab in the middle of sides, sandwiched between the two pieces of fabric, and looped into place (just as it will look on the finished product). The raw edges of the loop should match up with the raw edges of the squares.

Pin the two squares in place and stitch around the perimeter, leaving a few inch opening in the middle of one side (make sure that it is not the side where you pinned the utensil tab). Clip the corners, pinking shear the edges (optional) and then turn right side in. I used a chopstick to make sure the fabric in each corner was pushed all the way right side in.

Press the napkin, turning the open edge under with your iron (to match the straight line of sewing). Top stitch all the way around the perimeter, sewing your opening closed and also giving the napkin a finished look.

Tuck a fork, spoon and knife into the utensil tab, roll up the napkin, stack in a pile and enjoy your summer entertaining!

ps- Stay tuned for an oh-so-fabulous giveaway from Southern Fabric tomorrow! You could win some gorgeous fabric to make your own set of cloth napkins (or whichever sewing project is at the top of your list)!

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    1. Thanks friend- the tab IS super useful for backyard entertaining (or anything where people are eating standing up, really). 🙂

  1. Very cute yet super easy peasy! I’m back sorry I’ve been out of the loop and not been in blog land for a while…..hope to catch up on some older entries….

    SA TX

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