piper jane’s mini apron

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As part of Piper Jane’s play kitchen extras, she needed an apron. Needed one.

And this Flea Market Fancy fabric from Raspberry Creek Fabric (one of my amazing sponsors!) was perfect for this project. This apron was pretty much the easiest sew ever. Seriously, without the pocket, you could make this in 30 minutes. But the pocket is a darn cute addition.

To make one you’ll need-

-a rectangle of fabric (mine was 42″ wide and 12″ tall)

-satin binding (a yard and a half)

-a small rectangle of fabric for the fabric (5″x10″ approx), optional

-a few inches of bias tape for the top of the pocket (again optional)

-sewing machine and supplies

Cut out your rectangle. Honestly, I held up the fabric to one of Piper’s skirts and added a couple of inches. It is not an exact science at all.

Double roll and iron the bottom edge and both side edges. Sew in place.

Sew a basting stitch along the top edge. Leave long thread tails on either end.

Gather up the top edge down to about half.

Put satin binding along the top edge. Envelop the ruffled edge in the satin binding and sew in place.

Make both ends of the binding into corners and sew in place.

To make the pocket- fold a rectangle of fabric in half (I think mine was 5″x10″). Sew along the two open edges, leaving the end opposite the fold open.

Turn right side in, tucking in the raw edges and press in place. Add bias tape along the open edge. Pin pleats in place and then pin the pocket upside down on the apron. Sew the bottom edge in place.

Flip the pocket up, pin in place and sew up along both edges.

Like I said, cute. Easy. Fabulous. Did I mention that she loves it?

What are you working on right now? Anything kitchen-y (or any presents)?

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    1. Nancy, it was the PERFECT fabric for these projects. I love Riley Blake. And I love the pocket, so I think it’s worth the extra half hour of sewing, but if you skip that part, you could be done with this apron in no time. 🙂 If you make one, send me a pic, ok?

  1. I love Riley Blake too… but I’m pretty sure this fabric is Denyse Schmidt from her flea market fancy line…

    Great job on the apron, it looks great what ever fabric it is!

    1. Anie- you’re right!!! The others I used are all Riley Blake, so I assumed. But nope, flea market fancy it is! 🙂

    1. Karen, they are seriously so easy (especially if you made no-pocket versions!). 🙂 Send me a pic if you make some!

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