hyatti: birthday girl

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My middle daughter turned four this week. Four! For her birthday she wanted- a cake from the grocery store, “clunky” shoes, and a puppy. We definitely came through on two out of three and I think we made up for not getting her a puppy by throwing a puppy party, which I will share with you very soon. For now, let me tell you some of my favorite things about my Sayla Grace-

* She is our free spirit through and through. She is in her own world most of the time and I love peaking in on her as she imagines she is the doctor, or grandmother, or queen, or oldest sister to all her minions (roughly thirty thousand stuffed animals).
*She is definitely more “girly” than her big sister and loves all things makeup, hair, dress up, jewelry and shoes.
*Oh her love of shoes… I am a major disappointment in the “clunky” (high heel) shoe category and anytime we go for a play date the first thing she wants to is go through the mom’s shoe selection and try on anything with more than a 1 inch lift.
* She is kind to everyone and would, hands down, rather share with friends than keep something for herself.
* Her giggle is contagious!
* She is such a blessing to our family and I couldn’t imagine us without her.

The birthday girl in her heels, which she has not taken off since she got them. We have tile floors and she just walks up and down the hall to hear herself ‘clunking.’

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