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So I am totally getting ahead of myself by choosing color palettes for rooms in the new house that are (ahem) not quite ready for decor. And by ‘not quite ready,’ I mean, most of them don’t have flooring. Some don’t even have drywall. None have a single item of decor (there is a Serena & Lily box sitting in the kids closet- does that count?).

And yet, this color palette keeper comes in handy daily. Right now, I mostly use it to match paint (already on the walls in all of the bedrooms) to other ‘staples’ like flooring, lighting, fabric, and furniture.

Even better- when the day comes that I trade my paint-splattered, dust covered remodeling clothes for my normal wardrobe and head to West Elm/Goodwill/etsy/Ikea/Anthro’s sale rack, I’ll be ready with my color palette keeper you know, to actually buy decor.

Several of you have asked about how to make one of these- it’s quite simple.

Head over to Design Seeds and peruse their fabulous array of color palettes (you might spend quite a bit of time there- just a warning). Copy small versions of the color palettes you choose into Microsoft Word and print.

Cut out your palettes, match to paint chips (much larger and easier to match- I tried just using the color palettes on the ring, but the swatches weren’t big enough).

Punch holes in the corners of the palettes and the swatches.

Slide your palettes, your paint swatches and other goodies onto the ring (I have a paper measuring tape from Ikea plus the paint I’ve used for all of the rooms so far), ordering the paint swatches behind the coordinated palette. You’re done- ready for room palette matching!

ps- Thanks for all of the notes asking about our house progress. It has been good, but exhausting. I will try to take some pictures tonight (we’re sanding the wood floors- not my favorite project, but I’m so ready for the orange-y oak to go away!).

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  1. Love this! I carried a much less cool version around with me while working on Reese’s nursery–just taped each of the paint chips from my palette to a piece of paper. But I LOVED having it as I matched craft paint, fabric, buttons, etc. I bet you’re having so much dreaming up your home!!!

  2. Cute idea! We are in the same boat with home remodeling and it is exhausting. I love that this could be used to keep track of all paint colors used in your home. It could be a great future reference.

    1. Rachel- it IS exhausting, right???? Oh my goodness, exhausting. And going to be worth it, right??? Fingers crossed. What are you guys working on?
      Also, I didn’t even think about this, but if I keep adding every paint color to the ring as they go up on the wall, then I will have a record of all of our paint colors. Would be handy later, for sure!
      Fun to find a kindred spirit!

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