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That’s what my life feels like right now- c.r.a.z.y.t.o.w.n.

Between one almost-packed house and one whirlwind-of-renovations house, working into the wee hours while the kids sleep, and enough carpet staple removal (and plaster chipping! and DUST!) to fill their lifetime quotas, things have been a little a lot nuts this month.

Honestly, I am wishing I were a “Move In Ready,” girl right about now. This is our third total house redo (but our first redo-with-kids), and I keep wondering what woos me back in to want to do this again and again. Any ideas?

Thanks for being so great about checking in for updates (and for being patient with our posting frequency) during this whirlwind season! The boys started putting up drywall yesterday, which makes things feel more-house-less-warehouse-ish.

Can’t wait to show you some actual (not-iPhone, not middle of the night) pictures. Soon. Until then, if you have any stay-the-course exhortations (or any loving-remodeling vibes), send those my way, friends.

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  1. i hear ya girl! we too are in the process of a total home renovation. and at the moment, nothing sounds dreamier than a true bedroom and kitchen to cook in.

  2. No great pearls of wisdom here. We have been in our house 15 years and it still isn’t finished. I won’t tell you how many times I have changed my paint, Oh, and if that were all that needed to be done! My Dad always said, “Never move into an unfinished house, it will never be finished”, it’s looking like he might be right! Hate that!

  3. I am impressed! We’ll be buying (as soon as we sell!) and I can only pray that we find something already amazing with our budget! My husband and I are not exactly “handy”. We think we are, but not even close. I can handle painting, but the rest I would have to hire out, or beg my dad.

    I’m not sure if you mentioned, but did you sell your (original) house? When do you hope to be living in the new one?

    1. Dayna- so fun that you’ll be house shopping soon! Already amazing sounds… well, amazing. ๐Ÿ™‚
      We are going to rent out the house we live in now- the real estate market in Denver is great, but the rental market is fantastic. I think we’ll be moving in in the next few weeks (we’d like to have renters in the hold house by mid-November). Fingers crossed.

    1. Haha- this makes me laugh because I feel like you have serious ‘house building’ patience (same category as remodeling patience in my mind). I am wishing for new construction. Or already done. Or something. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for the encouragement, friend!

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