how to make a wreath in half an hour (for free!)

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how to make a wreath in half an hour (with leftover sprigs from your tree)This post could also be titled, “What to do with your extra Christmas tree sprigs/branches.”

how to make an evergreen wreathI love things that are easy, and I love things that are free, so these oh-so-Christmas-y wreaths (that usher your guests in with a waft of evergreen deliciousness!) are my kind of project.

Just gather the bottom branches of your Christmas tree (if you already trimmed yours, you can probably still cut off a layer at the bottom without notice). Trim them so that they’re only one ‘sprig’ (not too wishbone-ish). Put them in piles- big, medium and small.

Grab some wire. Use a section of wire to join together two of your ‘big’ pieces. Place them at an angle (so that eventually, if you keep up your same angle, you’ll make a circle). If you’re feeling uncertain, you can lay out your branches first and then start joining them together with wire.

Continue wiring together, making a round wreath shape as you go (try to tuck the wire under the branches so you can’t see it too).

Once you’re finished wiring your big pieces into a circle, it’s time to add in medium and small pieces as filler. The primary job of these smaller pieces is to make the wreath look even and balanced. Finish up by trimming any crazy outliers that are sticking out too far from the wreath shape.

how to make an evergreen wreathAdd a big felt bow (or berries, or ribbon, or pinecones, whatever you have around). Or just leave it plain- the greenery is beautiful as is!

Do you have a real Christmas tree? And do you use your extra tree branches for other decor projects?

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  1. I am blesses to live around a ton of Spruce, Hemlock, Pine, Red and Yellow Cedar as well as aromatic cedar (kind of a bush). We take a day and search for the perfect tree and trim others for our wreaths and swags. I usually take a wire hangar to get a basic shape and then wire to it, works great! Today is our tree “hunting” day. I pray you have a blessed day and a Merry Christmas.

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