a plan for burke and piper’s shared room

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shared room inspiration boardIt is the end of February and I am finally getting around to making an inspiration board for the Smooches’ Shared Room.

Here’s the thing. Remember when I made a “project a week” plan for 2013? Well, I haven’t really made a dent in it- we had guests for all of January, and a new baby niece to ooh and aah over, and the flu. More than all of that, though, I’ve just been feeling kind of lackluster and uninspired lately. Perhaps it’s February (my all time least favorite month)? Or project burnout after crazy-project-mode in December (well, and October, and November)?

But I’m jumping back in, friends. There are projects to be made, empty walls crying out for attention, and a blank slate kids’ room waiting to be decorated (I’ve decided said kids’ room is going to be my project world re-entry point).

kids shared room inspiration board I started by making an inspiration board (have you seen The Inspiration Board by I heart naptime? It’s perfect for gathering images and, well, making Inspiration Boards… though, I can’t figure out how to link to my sources, which is a bummer).

I am hoping for Burke and Piper Jane’s room to reflect each of their interests, while still not feeling to ‘theme-y’ or ‘kids’ room-ish.’ How’s that for obtuse?

My plan (right now)-

bed and bedding for the shared room-Wrought iron side by side twin beds (I already bought those ones on the inspiration board from Anthropologie, though I can’t find them anymore) with navy striped bedding and patterned sheets (like those orange patterned ones from Serena and Lily)

scratch off map-Incorporate maps (and maybe globes too?). I think the kids would love a scratch off map.

paris map art for pi-Add a little Paris flair (Piper Jane’s favorite city, courtesy of Madeline)- she asked for a Paris Map and I love this one by Famille Summerbelle.

london accent for burke-Also, add a little London love (Burke has been enthralled with all things London since Cars 2). In fact, my sweet friend Erin just sent me some London Tube maps for a project I’m cooking up for that guy (it’s not an ottoman, but isn’t that one fun?)

kids room accents-Other things I am hoping to incorporate somehow- monograms, some ruffles or flowers (on Piper’s side, to soften things a little), Legos (Burke’s ultimate-most-favorite thing), a pouf, sparkle (for Pi Jane, my little magpie), and planets (maybe a mobile?).

If you have suggestions or ideas for a boy-girl shared space, send ’em my way, ok? Can’t wait to show you some of the finished projects (well, first to start working on this stuff and then show you- ha)!

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  1. fun! I am really excited to see what you come up with . You have such a designer’s eye. Love love the maps. I started re-doing the boys’ room but I can’t do a whole lot to the walls while we’re renting. So…I stopped. 🙂 I can’t wait for more design freedom! 🙂

    1. Delia, I will be celebrating with you when you are no longer renting! I feel like you make magic happen with some pretty serious contraints- can’t wait to see what happens when you’re given full access!
      Thanks for the kind words, by the way. 🙂

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