make a metallic picture window

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make a metallic picture window

We finally hung something on the walls of the new house! And it includes metallic paint, pictures, and an old window (several things we love). Learn how to make your own at Capturing Joy with Kristen Duke today.

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    1. Thanks Jen! I love Home Depots Martha Stewart line- lots of great metallics and glitter, and not too expensive. 🙂

  1. Another use for old windows – paint your favorite team’s logo on it.. My daughter, assisted by her best friend and the friend’s mother, used an old 6 pane, rectangular window to make me the Baltimore Ravens logo for Christmas 2011. It’s gorgeous and the various parts of the bird are outlined to make it look as though it is leaded glass work. It’s above the fireplace in our family room. You can do any sports team, although as a Ravens fan, I wouldn’t recommend the Steelers – it will probably make the glass break in shame – just kidding – sort of…

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