DIY pink ‘scoops of fun’ tank top


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DIY stamped ice cream shirtI mentioned that we had an ice cream part-ay for Piper Jane a couple weeks ago. Part of the party preparations included one extra special “scoops of fun” tank top, made especially for the guest of honor. And this pink, summer-y shirt is perfect for Color Your Summer!

how to make a stamped shirtIt was really easy to put together- I mixed Martha Stewart’s Fabric Medium with three shades of metallic paint and stamped a tower of three ‘scoops.’ Then I used washi tape to section off a ‘cone’ shape and filled it in with more Fabric-Medium-mixed-paint (I wasn’t positive that the washi tape would work, but it did… you might want to use actual painters tape, though).

how to make a stamped ice cream shirtAfter stitching a sequin ‘cherry on top,’ the tank top was ready to be worn by the Ice Cream Party princess herself.

DIY ice cream scoops shirtShe paired it with a bright pink bubble tutu (is there any other choice?) and is absolutely in love with the glittery ice cream scoops.

DIY stamped summer tankAs a funny side note, this photo shoot had more dramatic out takes (this one where she’s leaning on the wall in distress is probably my favorite) than any pictures we’ve taken before. Apparently, ice cream tank top modeling is stressful work. Good thing the day ended with scoops of ice cream and ladles of gummi worms– the perfect combination for cheering weary models.

color your summer 3 with delia creates and kojodesignsThere’s more Color Your Summer goodness at Delia’s today- head on over and check it out!

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  1. Oh my goodness…that Piper Jane is so adorable. Love the top and skirt! So perfectly girly girl. I have got to try using glitter paints with that fabric paint medium!

    1. Haha, thanks friend. And WHOA girly, that’s for sure. I kind of love it though. 🙂 And the glitter paint plus fabric medium has worked out great- there’s more of that combo in our future for sure. 🙂

  2. HOW DARLING . . . painting 3, yes 3 scoops of ice cream on the cone down the front of a white tank! Using metallic colors is FAB. I love the silver sequins sewn as a cherry topping the ice cream! HOW SPECIAL! Sarah in Minneapolis

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