how to make mojito popsicles

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how to make mojito popsiclesI know that it’s August already (how!?!) and that summer is slipping away. I am determined to enjoy every last day of sunshine-y goodness, though.

how to make mojito popsiclesAnd mojito popsicles are the perfect way to eek out every last ounce of summer (I wish we’d discovered these in May)!

how to make mojito popsiclesTo make the mojito popsicles-

how to make mojito popsiclesAdd a couple of handfuls of mint leaves and a few cups of limeade to a food processor (adjust the amounts depending on how many mojito popsicles you are making- we made 4 large popsicles and used 4 cups of limeade and a couple handfuls of mint). Blend until mint is in little teeny pieces. If you’re making blueberry mojito popsicles, add a handful of blueberries as well. Pour into popsicle molds.

To make the mojitos-

how to make mojito popsiclesFill the cup one third of the way with club soda. Fill the cup another one third of the way with limeade. Add a shot of rum if you want, or not for a mojito mocksicle.

how to make mojito popsicles

Stir and enjoy!

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