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kiwi crate kids' activityHave you guys heard of Kiwi Crate? They’re like a pre-planned craft day (or science day in the case of the set we received) in a box. Every single thing you might need is provided for some quality, educational, fun time together.

kiwi crate kid's nature kitsMy kids (well mostly Burke, but Piper does whatever Burke does and loves whatever Burke loves) are quite the science afficianados and this box of Nature projects was the perfect fit for them.

kiwi crate kids' activity kitsThe kids loved putting together and decorating their Nature Kits (and I loved that I could just sit with them and help them instead of frantically gathering supplies to make their kits awesome), and they lo-oved filling their kits to match the colors and shapes provided.

kiwi crate kids activity kitsPerhaps my favorite part of these kits are that one kit really is set up to provide multiple experiences. Our kit had two different crafts, but even just the Nature Kit is set up for several different family times by switching out the nature-collecting-criteria. I love that!

nature kit, kiwi crateA list of people who would really love kiwi crate-

-Anyone wanting to be a little more intentional with the time they spend with their kids.

-Parents/care givers/relatives wanting to add an educational component to play time.

-Crafty mama’s and dad’s.

-Anyone wanting an extra option for ‘fun activities to do together’ to add to the monthly rotation.

-Aunts, grandparents, friends looking for a great gift that will be a hit with parents and kids alike.

kiwi crateHead on over to Kiwi Crate to check out their kits (Robot Rally and Busy with Bugs are next on our list)… they have monthly subscriptions as well!

*Kiwi Crate provided the crate for this post. Opinions 100% mine.

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  1. i just recently discovered these and was thinking these will be perfect for those long winter days – definitely going to pass the monthly subscription info along to my parents as a Christmas gift idea for the kiddos!

    1. Angie, a subscription is on our wishlist as well! And I have some plans to give these as gifts as well- if how they went over with my kids is any indicator, they’ll be such a kid-and-parent crowd pleaser. 🙂

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