a sewing realization (and a darling dress)

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little girl's muted whale dressI don’t consider myself a hoarder- not even really a pack rat. I have no problem hauling loads of crap stuff to donate to Goodwill each month, find a kind of weird satisfaction in clearing out and giving away, and would much rather have less stuff that we actually use than stockpiles for ‘someday.’

five and ten designs, look no. 1Except in one area. I hoard ‘special’ sewing supplies. Vintage buttons, Liberty of London fabric, gorgeous trim- it all finds a permanent home in my craft room. It just seems too precious to use (plus, I have this nagging voice wondering, “But what if you cut into that gorgeous fabric and make a mistake?).

vintage buttons, muted dressBut I am turning over a new leaf. Noting this not-so-healthy tendency, as well as jars of beautiful buttons, a stockpile of vintage notions and a stack of ‘too-special’ fabric sitting on all sitting on a shelf in my craft room, I determined to take action. It’s a small step, really, but I dug into my jar of extra special buttons and put them on the last two dresses that I made for Piper Jane.

vintage buttons, girl's dressI put them on Piper Jane’s self-designed Five and Ten Designs dress

five and ten designs look one…and remember how I mentioned that I wanted to make, well, all ten variations of that dress? Well, I’m chipping away at that goal. I made Look No. 1 this time, and lo-ove it. Bonus- Piper also loves her muted whale dress  (high praise from a tough critic). It didn’t hurt at all that I used the gorgeous Birch fabric that I’ve been keeping for a special sewing project hoarding for some time as well.

muted whale dress by kojodesigns (pattern by five and ten designs)Even though she doesn’t realize the significance of the once-hoarded buttons, they add something extra special to her sweet dress. And, really, for all of my hoarding and setting aside, I would rather that those ‘extra specials’ were a part of something to wear instead of in a jar on my shelf.

whale dress outtakesTwo questions for y’all (along with some extra-silly, touchdown-dance-ish outtakes)- do any of you hoard your favorite sewing/craft supplies? Any tips on how to break this habit?

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  1. I do have some fabric-not much, a couple yards only, thankfully-that I hold onto, for what I am not sure. And the button collection !~! I have yet to make something with buttonholes so I wonder what I am doing with all those buttons ?!~

  2. I’m so glad you used some of your precious things. A few years ago a acquired boxes of vintage fabric from my grandmas friend after she died. It broke my heart that she held onto the fabric for years and never got to use it. Whenever I’m tempted to hold onto fabric, I think of her and how if I don’t use it I’m just saving it for someone else to use. Chances are they won’t love you fabric like you do right now. Another thing I’ve recently realized is that my girls are growing way too fast. My two oldest girls are super picky now and won’t wear dresses to school anymore. The way I see it, my sewing days are almost over.

    1. Kalleen- what a sweet encouragement. You are so right- I don’t want to save it for someone else to enjoy!
      And thanks for the reminder that these days are limited… 🙂

  3. That dress is gorgeous! Seriously, one of those I wish it came in my size! And Pi’s dance moves are amazing. … made my morning:)

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