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simple.great- organic wooden toy giveaway

Friends, I’m so excited to share today’s post with you. Like, so so so very excited.

wooden play makeup set (by simple.great on etsy)This little collaboration can be traced back to when Piper asked for makeup for Christmas. Adam and I said no way. She redoubled her niceness efforts and asked for ‘play makeup’ instead. We said we’d think about it. Then I started shopping around and could only find bright, plastic-y, tacky options- no thanks. Have you ever tried to find ‘play makeup’? It’s rough out there.

simple great wooden makeup setEnter simple.great., my brother-in-law Patrick’s organic wooden toy company. I asked if I could commission a wooden makeup set and he graciously agreed. And, y’all, this all natural, wooden ‘play makeup’ is the best thing ever. Not only is Piper Jane absolutely over the moon about it, I love the natural aesthetic as well! It’s beautiful and functional- creative play at its very best.

wooden block setLittle did I know that we’d be receiving a whole box of simple.great goodies… like this wooden block set for Burke.

handmade block set by simple.greathandmade wooden blocksIt is truly fantastic… like, Land of Nod quality. Again, it’s a win-win because Burke thinks it’s amazing and I don’t mind if he leaves it out in the living room when we’re having people over.

handmade wooden toysJust a few other simple.great things I love- this rolling wooden dog pull toy, these little trucks, tractors and tanks (the tank is Burke’s other favorite pick)… In fact, there isn’t anything in this shop that I wouldn’t be so excited for my kids to receive and I’m kind of picky about toys!

simple great handcrafted wooden toys

The best news of this post is that one of YOU is going to win a $40 gift certificate toΒ simple.great.Β  Just in time for Christmas… enter below!

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  1. I would get some transportation pieces for my nephew – train, plane, maybe a car…
    Thanks for the great opportunity!

    1. Mary, I love it that you know my sister and Patrick (aren’t they great?). And YES, isn’t the play make up so fun?

  2. I just love this idea! Toys that aren’t made of ugly plastic!! The wooden toy train is my favorite. And the “makeup”. . . what happened to pretending?! Love.

  3. These are all so great. I think I like the vintage pull puppy the best. Would be getting for my daughter. Thanks!

  4. I LOVE the little camera! My hubby is a videographer, and my little boys would love getting to play “just like Daddy!”

  5. I really like the truck/trailer set and the bus. It would be for my daughter and she would share with my nephew.

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