homemade vanilla marshmallows

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homemade vanilla marshmallowsSometime last Spring, Burke and Piper Jane tried homemade marshmallows. As they professed their undying love for this most-fluffy-of-treats, I promised, “Next winter, we’ll try to make our own homemade marshmallows.”

homemade vanilla marshmallowsAnd, folks, the Smooches have iron trap memories about this kind of thing. With our recent frigid temperatures, it is now clearly winter (love their reasoning), and time for me to make good on my promise.

homemade vanilla marshmallowsLast weekend we had a little free time. And by free time, I mean Marshmallow Making Time. I found a homemade marshmallow recipe on one of my favorite blogs, printed out the recipe from my phone (thank you Canon PIXMA- you are changing my life in all of your wireless-ness), and we spent the next hour stirring and checking and coating.

homemade vanilla marshmallowsSix lo-ong hours later (did you know marshmallows took so long to set up?), our batch of homemade marshmallows was finished.

homemade vanilla marshmallowsYummiest hot cocoa ever- done. We’ll definitely be making homemade vanilla marshmallows again soon.

homemade vanilla marshmallowsDid I mention that I’m loving how my new Canon PIXMA MG7120  makes my life easier?

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