my new toy- a canon pixma printer!

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canon pixma printer review

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This probably goes without saying, but our house relies heavily on our printer. Not only does all of my party throwing require a decent amount of printing (and by decent amount, I mean hundreds of pages each year- ha!), I am a PDF pattern-aholic (which equals hundreds more pages or printing each year). Also, we are Groupon/Living Social/Weekly Plus junkies and seem to print out some sort of coupon or certificate almost every day.

And our printer was on it’s last legs when Canon offered to send me their PIXMA MG7120 printer (great timing!).

Things I love about this printer-

canon pixma wireless printing-being able to print from my phone, laptop or iPad (see above- this makes my life so much easier!)

-being able to print directly from my camera SD card (love!)

canon pixma cloud app projects-the kid-friendly activities and printables available through the PIXMA Cloud app

canon pixma review-the number of actual, tangible pictures I’ve printed since this printer arrived (we’re sending these ones to Mimi, Adam’s grandma)… you can even print directly from social media sites like Facebook

So far, this Canon PIXMA is a great fit for our printer-busy life.

canon pixma projectsps- I can’t wait to share some of the projects and printables I’ve been whipping up with the help of my new printer- stay tuned!

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    1. thanks friend. there is still so much tweaking to do (UGH), but I’m excited about it too.
      LOVE yours too, by the way! gorgeous!

  1. Great printer!!! I just got mine on Wed this week, however, i am still trying to figure out how to print from my IPAD and my Iphone!!

    1. I really like it too Risa! It took a little bit to figure out the phone/ipad printing, but once I figured it out, it become no problem…

  2. Kirstin,

    Ok, i am about to bombard you with questions… forewarned is fore armed, right?! Here goes… how expensive is the ink? Is it waterproof when it dries? Is this an inkjet printer? How quickly have you gone through the ink cartridges? Do you have the capability to scan/send faxes/duplex print? Can you tell we do a bit of printing here? ha ha! I have a TON and I mean a ton of e-books that I have been printing off. I know i can view them from my computer but there are just times when it isn’t feasible for me to have my laptop open or with me. So its not uncommon for me to have a notebook filled with stuff I printed off.

    Hey could you keep us in prayer? My husband put in for a job somewhere and we are waiting to see if he got it. I can’t go into more detail here but I really would appreciate the prayers! Thanks!!

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