hot chocolate on a stick


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winter's coziest treat- hot cocoa on a stick

It’s no secret that winter is not my favorite season. January and February are particularly rough on my heart- the holidays are over and the Spring-ish light at the end of the tunnel seems so far off.

winter's coziest treat- hot chocolate on a stickDuring these long, cold months, I drink a few cups of green tea every day, and occasionally drink chai and cocoa as well (and by occasionally, I mean that for every two or three cups of green tea, I have a cup of chai or cocoa- so they are also in the rotation pretty much daily).

how to make hot chocolate on a stickThis cocoa on a stick makes a cup of deliciously rich hot chocolate- the perfect treat for a chilly day.

how to make hot cocoa on a stickYou can order hot chocolate on a stick at Ticket Chocolate (so good!)…

how to make hot chocolate on a stick…or make your own by following their directions here (as closely as possible). I modified the recipe a little and used one bag of chocolate chips, three packets of hot cocoa. YUM!

how to make hot chocolate on a stickPerhaps this will cheer you up on a dreary afternoon (like it does for me?).

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  1. Since I don’t see the “recipe” …would it be just the choc chips and hot cocoa mix? Is there more to it? Sounds wayyy too easy!! Please let me know!

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