arrows and bows baby shower


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arrows and bows baby showerPeople often ask me the secret to making high maintenance showers less maintenance. I usually tell them, “Find great help.” And then they laugh. But I’m not kidding.

arrows and bow baby showerY’all, this arrows and bows shower for my sweet friend Katie and her Little Miss Mae was amazing. The food was, I’m not kidding, perhaps the best baby shower menu ever (Creme Brulee Croissant French Toast? I mean, seriously?). The hot drink buffet (tons of tea, herbs, honey, and hot coffee with tea, sugar and syrups too) was bustling the whole time, and the hopes people shared for Miss Mae were beyond sweet.


arrows and bows baby showerArrows and Bows (love this one- it was seriously so fun to put together!), like bows and arrows, but girly!


arrows and bows baby showerCreme brulee croissant french toast, spinach and blueberry salad, tomato swiss quiche, bacon, crustless quiche, scones, fruit with yogurt sauce, Spring Fling cake (ohmygoodness, so good), donuts, arrow sugar cookies. I can’t take credit for a single thing (well, the sugar cookies), but I can say that every thing I tried was delicious!


arrows and bows baby showerA buffet of green, black and herbal teas, mint, cream, vanilla cream and honey plus hot coffee with cream, a lineup of syrups and raw sugar made for a fantastic (and, like I said, bustling) hot drink station. Lemon cucumber mint water and iced vanilla lattes round out the hot drink selections.


arrows and bows baby shower decor ideasSince the color palette was coral, mint, gold and white, this shower was a pink, shiny wonderland (a little funny because Katie is not over-the-top girly… however, pink and shimmer make for such a great baby-girl shower that it’s hard to stop).

arrow and bows baby shower decor ideas

Arrow garlands made for a great graphic, all hanging in a row. Monogrammed mugs of flowers dotted every single surface- lovely! And framed lyrics from all sorts of baby songs added to the pretty.


arrows and bows baby shower favorsThese cds were so fabulous that they get their own post (watch for it later this week).

arrow and bow baby showerAll in all, such a fun crowd, such yummy food, and just so much fun celebrating Katie and Miss Mae.


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  1. So, I go to your blog to find a wreath tutorial and what do I find? My shower!!! Aww. Yes, it was awesome because of YOU PEOPLE. I loved re-living it. Such awesome peeps you all are!

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