eighteen must-try meyer lemon recipes


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18 must try meyer lemon recipesOne of the greatest (and also most frustrating) things about Jordan’s grocery store here in the middle east is that the produce section is pretty much limited to seasonal fruits and veggies. The in-season produce is not only cheap (think $0.75 pomegranates right now!), but it also tastes so yummy to buy things that were grown close by and picked recently (the bummer comes when you have to find, say, spinach and it isn’t spinach season in the region).

meyer lemon recipesHowever, back to the fun seasonal produce- Meyer Lemons are currently plentiful and really inexpensive, so we’ve been buying them by the bagful (those and pomegranates, which I just cannot resist). We’ve mostly just been using the Meyer Lemons as substitutes for regular lemons and trying to fend off greedy, grabby little hands (our kids will eat them like oranges!). But we have some big plans for today. Here is our list of Meyer Lemon recipe contenders-

Preserved meyer lemonsMeyer lemon buttermilk pieMeyer lemon tart

Meyer lemon curdVodka thyme lemonadeMeyer lemon meringue pie

Meyer lemon margaritasMeyer lemon pizzaMeyer lemon madelines

Meyer lemon creme brûléeMeyer lemon poppy seed pancakesMeyer lemon eclairs

Meyer lemon pound cakeMeyer lemon barsMeyer lemon rosemary lemonade

Meyer lemon strawberry muffinsMeyer lemon chocolate pieMeyer lemon and poppy seed cookies

Can’t wait to share what we’re making (we’re using them for more than one recipe, in fact)- stay tuned!

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