a modern fiesta- party hop!


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the party hop summer fiesta

bright, modern summer fiestaBetween our love for salsa and mojitos, a summer fiesta is pretty much the perfect way to celebrate in our books.

summer fiesta with fringe-y, fabulous details!Then add in a collaboration with ten other talented bloggers and a Summer Fiesta becomes even more fabulous-filled with fringe, festive touches, and thoughtful details.

bright, modern summer fiesta

The bright, modern vibe is especially fantastic.

party hop summer fiestaBalloon Time was the party sponsor- fitting since balloons add such a festive touch to parties (and especially one as bright and happy as this fiesta). I can’t wait for you to see the balloon bar tomorrow!

summer fiesta party hopBest of all, this week, the tutorials and DIYs for all eleven party projects will be up!

fiesta party hop!Check back in all week for a serious dose of fiesta-ish inspiration!

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