DIY fringed drink stirrers for a summer fiesta


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Are you guys loving the Summer Fiesta projects as much as we are? The bright, happy details are perfection!

DIY fringed drink stirrersAnd today, we’re sharing our DIY fringed drink stirrers!

how to make fringed drink stirrersTo make a batch of these sunshine-y toppers, cut a folded piece of tissue paper into a 6″ segment (mine was about 30″ in length and 6″ tall, but the length doesn’t matter much). Fringe 3-4″ of the tissue paper. With a glue stick, glue the blank drink stirrer to one bottom (unfringed) corner, matching up the top edge of the stirrer along the bottom edge of the fringe line. Roll and glue until the entire line of fringe has become a festive fringe-y tube. Add glue around the bottom edge of the tissue paper and twist, using more glue to secure the twisting in place.

DIY fringed drink stirrersAdd to a mojito, margarita or other ‘bebida’ and you’re ready to fiesta!

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DIY succulent centerpieces…and the succulent centerpiece how-to is one The Elephant of Surprise today too!

summer fiesta party hopStay tuned for even more great fiesta-ish projects tomorrow…


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