homemade mint limeade

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homemade mint limeade at kojo designs
We have a TON of mint growing at our house currently and our friends have a lime tree and often send us home with more limes than we know what to do with. So, we drink limeade.

Homemade Mint Limeade
6-8 limes (medium size)
2 large handfuls of mint
1/4-1/2 cup sugar (depending on how sweet you prefer)
3 cups water

First, roll the limes (in order to help them release more juice) then quarter the limes. In a large cup combine the lime mint and sugar. Muddle with a wooden spoon, (or a rolling pin) until the sugar is completely dissolved. Fill the rest of the cup with water (about 1 cup) and strain into a large pitcher over ice and add remaining two cups water.

Tip: If it is not strong enough, add more lime juice, or make another batch of the muddled concoction- it will all depend on how juicy and flavorful your limes are. 🙂

homemade mint limeade at kojo-designs

This limeade is so refreshing! Make it and embrace the coming warm weather! Or help your kids make a limeade stand!

homemade mint limeade at kojo-designs

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    1. Hey Tess, we just used sugar (see the recipe for the range of amounts). I think natural sweetener is a great idea- will you keep me posted on the amounts you used and how it turned out?

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