a girly pink baby shower


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pink girly baby showerWhat happens when one of your very best friends, who is the mama of three boys, has a baby girl (after leaving the gender a surprise!)? An over-the-top PINK sip ‘n see (two days before you get on an airplane to Saipan), of course!

pink girly baby shower sip 'n seeThis girly baby shower (well, Sip ‘n See) was so much fun to put together for Katie!

girly pink baby shower sip 'n seeThere were pink flowers at every turn…

girly pink baby shower sweets…gorgeous pink sweets…

girly pink baby shower…and tons of chocolate in honor of Katie’s passion for dark chocolate.

girly baby shower headband stationgirly baby shower headband stationThe Headband Making Station was another perfectly girly touch (I love this idea! I want to add one to every baby girl shower I throw!) and oh-so-useful since Katie doesn’t have much by way of baby girl accessories.

girly pink baby shower mojito stationAnd, of course, the Mojito Station was a smashing success (more to come on that soon!).

girly baby shower sip 'n seeBest of all, everyone was just so very excited to celebrate the arrival of Baby Niah and the sweet addition that she’ll be to her already-fabulous family.

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  1. What a beautiful shower!!! How fun to get to celebrate with her before you left! And I’m loving all your Saipan posts. Have fun on your adventures!

    1. Thanks Jill- I was so thankful that I got to be there!!! And so glad you’re loving the Saipan updates- I will keep them coming! 🙂

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