how to make a rainbow of dipped ice cream cones

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how to make sprinkle dipped ice cream conesAs our calendars move closer and closer to September, we are trying to eek out every last ounce of summer- and what better end of summer treat than ice cream in these fabulously festive dipped cones?

how to make sprinkle dipped ice cream conesTo make this gorgeous rainbow of sprinkle-dipped waffle cones you’ll need waffle cones, white chocolate bark (or white chocolate melts), gel food coloring and a buffet of sprinkles.

how to make sprinkle dipped ice cream conesMelt the chocolate bark or candy melts according to the package directions. Then add gel food coloring and mix. Next, dip the top edge of a waffle cone into the melted chocolate. Let any excess drip off back into the bowl. Then place the dipped cone in a bowl of sprinkles, shaking off the excess.

how to make sprinkle dipped ice cream conesRepeat with all different colors and sprinkles.

sprinkle dipped waffle cones tutorialYou’re done- and ready to make the end of August a little bit more colorful and sprinkle-y!

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