Lego birthday party favors


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Lego birthday party favor ideasI tend to overdo it when it comes to party favors. I am trying to get better, but failing miserably. Burke’s Lego party favors were no exception.

The good news is that my favor over board-ness provides a whole list of Lego birthday party favor ideas. For example-

Lego birthday party favor ideas- Lego chocolates in yellow 'minifigure' boxesLego chocolates- In yellow boxes with Lego faces of course!

Lego birthday party favor ideas- Lego 'brick' boxes filled with mini cupcakesLego ‘brick’ boxes filled with mini cupcakes

Lego birthday party favor ideas- Lego packsLego packs

Lego birthday party favor ideasLego mini figure head favor bags- Just trim the tops of yellow favor bags to resemble Lego mini figure heads and add eyes and a smile)

Lego birthday party favor ideas- mini figure 'capsules'Lego minifigures in yellow capsules– I ordered bulk packs of minifigures on Ebay

Lego birthday party favor ideasLego ‘brick’ favor bags- Colored paper bags plus a circle punch equals the perfect packaging for all of these goodies!

I might’ve mentioned this already, but with Burke’s Lego fascination, I am pretty sure another Lego party is in my future… Luckily, this Lego party was so much fun to put together that I don’t mind that at all!

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