the most versatile dresser


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the most versatile dresserAs we got ready to sell our house and leave Denver, we played a game with all of our furniture called “Sell or Store.”

the most versatile blue dresserAlmost everything went into the “Sell” category (our house buyers were the primary recipients of our Sell furniture), but there were some pieces of furniture that were either sentimental (everything from both sets of grandparents), hard won (hello card catalog) or just too useful/transferable to sell.

the most versatile blue dresserThis blue dresser, a hand me down from my grandpa’s house and also oh-so-useful, made it onto our “Store” list.

IMG_9269-001versatile blue dresserNot only did this little dresser make an appearance at party after party as a dessert table (or Milk Station, or Lemonade Bar, or Hot Cocoa Bar), it was pretty perfect in my office as well.

the most versatile blue dresserSee you on the other side, sweet little sky blue dresser! I’m coming back for you!

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