perfectly pineapple shirt how-to

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This pineapple shirt only takes 30 minutes and is a huge kid pleaser (the perfect kind of project)!My little beach baby is adjusting like a champ to island living. She swims, she snorkels, she doesn’t complain about the humidity. She also has quite the affection for tropical produce, none more than pineapple!

pineapple shirt how toOne day, we were playing with sequins (yep, totally a normal occurrence around here) and noticed that pairing a big yellow sequin with a leaf sequin made little mini pineapple sequins (cute right?). Even better, since I used a plain shirt I had on hand, I think this entire shirt took 30 minutes to put together- and Piper adores it! Best project ever!

pineapple shirt how toeasy pineapple shirt how toTo make one, just collect a plain shirt and clip leaf sequins into pineapple tops. Use Jewel-It to attach the pineapple tops and large yellow sequins as the pineapple base. Stitch the sequins in place.

pineapple shirt how toLike I said, easy to put together and super cute!

pineapple shirt how toPerfect for my little tropical fruit aficionado (even better, carrying around a pineapple for these pictures was totally Pi’s idea… I love the way her mind works!).

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