homemade chai tea recipe

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homemade chai tea recipe
We have had a gloriously rainy and cloudy couple days here in Arabia, and I have been making a lot of tea. As I was sipping our go-to favorite chai, I decided that I should share it with y’all…only to realize Kirst shared the chai tea recipe YEARS ago!
chai tea recipe at kojo-designs
This chai is the best. It makes a blustery day perfection. (As a side note- they drink hot chai here year round, even on 120 degree days…I think thats crazy, so on those days we make it iced!)
chai tea recipe and free label
Y’all go get the recipe here. And I even updated the post to include the labels I made to give these as gifts!

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    1. I love it! I hope your trip(s) were great- it sounded like packing for the really different weather (warm AND cold!) was an adventure! 😉

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