a buffet of gourmet hot dogs

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gourmet hot dog ideas- a whole lineup of fabulous ways to customize your hot dog (or chicken sausage)With our easy access to the beach, we have made more bonfires this year than ever before. And besides s’mores, our other bonfire staple is hot dogs (ok, actually we usually make chicken sausages… but hot dogs are just so classic, you know?).

Anyhow, at a recent beach-y bonfire, we brought all sorts of eclectic toppings to make gourmet hot dogs. It was a blast trying all of the different combinations!

We even took pictures of our favorites-

gourmet hot dog (or chicken sausage) ideasThe BLT– Bacon, lettuce, tomatoes, and mayo (we continue to make the whole 30 mayo- totally hooked)

gourmet hot dogs- the greekThe Greek– Hummus, red peppers, goat cheese, paprika

gourmet hot dog lineup- the chicagoThe Chicago– Peppercinis, cucumbers, tomatoes, Dijon, relish, sprinkle of poppy seeds (I think classic Chicago dogs have onions as well, but we don’t love raw onions- haha)

gourmet hot dog ideas- the mamamiaThe Mamamia– Pesto, tomatoes, parmesan, basil

gourmet hot dog ideas- the fiestaThe Fiesta– Guacamole, queso, jalapenos, tomatoes, crumbled tortilla chips

Do you have any other gourmet hot dog ideas we should try out?

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