driftwood wreaths

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DIY driftwood wreathMy Christmas-in-Saipan motto is “do the best you can with what you’ve got.” Ok, actually, that’s my motto in Saipan decorating overall- haha. Resources that I have in abundance? Shells. Drift wood. Coral. Coconut.

DIY driftwood wreathI made stockings (and a tree skirt) out of a drop cloth last year, and thought I’d add driftwood wreaths to the lineup this year.

DIY driftwood wreathThe assembly was pretty straightforward- tying the driftwood together at the corners with jute by wrapping the cord around each piece of wood and then around the entire stack.

DIY driftwood wreathI added linen flowers at each corner (I essentially followed this same flower making process, but used linen instead of felt as my fabric and used hot glue instead of stitching).

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