when things don’t go as expected

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proverbs 16:9The heart of man plans his way, But the LORD establishes his steps. PROVERBS 16:9

I am a planner. I love long term plans and short terms plans and to do lists and goals and resolutions. I was wired to make plans.

And because I hold so tightly to said plans and put them on a pedestal, I have a long history of things not going as I’d expected.

It’s like God’s continual reminder to me that I do not order my own steps or set my own path. And, actually, it’s been a sweet journey to learn that God’s way is always (always, always) better. Sometimes more painful, but the kind of pain that produces in me, or in our family, perseverance and sanctification.

IMG_0916I wanted to encourage those of you who are in the trenches of unexpected- from giant shifts to much smaller side notes- He has good things for you, for your life. And He is doing good things in you through the unexpected. These bunny trails and wild variations from the plan- they are for our good or for His glory (or both).

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  1. Love love this sooo much!! So much truth!! And those pics I know you took…..well simply breathtaking!! I wish I could jump out of this cold February right into those pics ☺️

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