30 minute nightgown

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how to make the easiest ever nightgownWhen my sweet niece asked me to make her a ‘nightgown,’ I thought it’d be a fun project. Then she explained what she was hoping for- essentially two squares sewn together with armholes and a neck opening.

how to make the easiest ever nightgownThirty minutes later- done! I love projects like this.

how to make the easiest ever nightgownTo make one, cut out two rectangles of fabric (I used one of her current nightgowns to measure length, and width- for reference my rectangles were 30″ long x 24″ wide and they fit a 9 year old… though, this one also fits 6 year old Piper, it’s just longer and wider on her).

Press the vertical edges (soon to be the nightgown side edges) in about an inch. Fold under and press again (there should be a finished edge now).

Fold the rectangle in half vertically. Cut a slightly curved neckline extending 5″ from the folded center (10″ total). Double roll and press the neckline.

Place the two rectangles together, rights sides facing in. Sew the top edge, 6″ from each edge toward the center (stop when you get to the neckline).

Double roll the collar under, press, and sew in place.

Sew up the vertical edges (which are already folded under and pressed in place). Stop 7″ from the top.

Finish off the arm hole opening by stitching down the folded over edge (but don’t sew the two pieces together). Hem.

how to make the easiest ever nightgownReady for bed jumping, slumber partying, blankie toting (and even sleeping)!

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  1. Found you via Craftgawker! I love this pattern but you didn’t specify the fabric you used. Jersey, I’m guessing? Thanks for the super sweet tutorial!

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