sweet potato casserole (and whoa fall!)

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mimi's sweet potato casserole

So turns out, moving is still just as stressful as I remember. Plus across an ocean. Plus newborn.

We are finally getting a bit more settled- we bought a house in New Braunfels (which is pretty much the cutest town ever), the kids are settling into their new school, we found a church that we love (yay!). And we are even hosting a crew for Thanksgiving this week.

Each time I look at the calendar, I have the feeling of sticker shock. Like HOW!?! But then I reread the sentence above and realize how fall has gotten away from me.

This week, we are pressing pause on unpacking and painting and projects and just having fun showing family around our new town. And eating lots (and lots and lots) of yumminess. We even made a trial run of Mimi’s Sweet Potato Casserole, just for quality control (good news- we’re in the clear- still just as delicious as ever).

Hopefully December will bring more project sharing and holiday goodness around here, but we’ll see. In the meantime, have a fantastic week, full of thankfulness and good food and family and friends. Happy Thanksgiving, friends!


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