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pizza party- make your own pizza stationWe have officially started transitioning into a new phase of birthday parties (at least with Burke)- to a more ‘big kid’ version. This year’s party was a smaller crowd (and no parents), with less organized activities (though, they played HARD in the neighborhood pool for the first half of the party) and no theme (unless ‘pizza party’ counts as a theme).

pizza party- make your own pizza stationAnd food has taken center stage- Burke’s priorities for the party were a chance to have fun with his friends, yummy pizza toppings for the grilled pizzas, GELATO, and an Italian Soda Bar. So friends and food were pretty much his only priorities- ha!

Which I love.

pizza party- make your own pizza stationAnd apparently, all Burke’s friends share his love for yummy pizza (and gelato!

pizza party- make your own pizza stationAnd italian sodas- even the kiddos that had never tried them before gave rave reviews!), so letting friend time and food share center stage was a was a win all around.

pizza party- make your own pizza stationTo set up the Make-Your-Own-Pizza Bar, we set out a big stack of individual pizza crusts, several sauce options (red pizza sauce, pesto, white truffle sauce and barbecue sauce), several cheese options (fresh mozzarella, shredded mozzarella, and shredded colby jack), and lots of toppings (pepperoni, sausage, grilled chicken, tomatoes, green peppers, olives, sundried tomatoes, carmelized onions).

pizza party- make your own pizza stationEach guest put their pizza together and then took it outside for Adam to grill. So easy, and so delicious!

pizza party- make your own pizza stationI can’t believe we are already moving into this new ‘big kid’ stage, but also I am loving watching our kids grow into themselves (if that makes sense), and also really enjoying the funny, quirky, interesting, caring people they are becoming. Seriously, just adore them. Bring on pizza parties and the other big kid stuff!

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