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make your own italian soda Italian Sodas were pretty much our drink of the summer, and our Italian Soda affection has extended itself into the fall (literally, we have a lazy susan filled with syrups in our pantry as I type).

make your own italian soda As the holiday season approaches, the kids have been asking about adding Italian Sodas to our Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Year’s Eve menu. And actually, for a kid’s friendly New Year’s party (etc), an Italian Soda Bar would be pretty perfect!

make your own italian soda We had one at Burke’s Pizza Party and it was seriously such a hit- easy, yummy, and such fun for party guests!

make your own italian soda To put one together for your New Year’s bash (or any other kid friendly fete!), gather-

A few bottles of club soda

Several kinds of syrup (we made berry, cherry, lime, and peach)*

Half and half

Whipped cream

Ice (even better if you can find Sonic ice!)

A sign with Italian Soda making directions (to make ours, we add ice, fill the cup halfway with club soda, add a 1 oz shot, or three pumps, of syrup, add a splash of half and half and then top with whipped cream).

*For this Italian Soda Bar, I actually made the syrups (which were SO good- I will have to type up the recipe), but then we used store-bought syrups for the rest of the summer/fall. So either one works.

make your own italian soda barFill a bar cart or display table with the Italian Soda makings, display the sign, and your Make Your Own Italian Bar is party ready!

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