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Y’all- it’s like all my kids’ Harry Potter Christmas dreams came true this year. Yep- we have an exclusively HP Christmas tree- decked out with an entire range of Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff and Slytherin ornaments (and so much other Harry Potter goodness).

We came to New Zealand with approximately zero Christmas items, so this Harry Potter tree has been such a fun project to work on together!

This is something I wouldn’t ever attempt in the CRAZY of december in the States, especially since we made almost all of the Harry Potter ornaments and garlands.

Here in New Zealand, though, the holiday season is much more laid back (and maybe even moreso this year since we are so new and have fewer obligations). So bring on the Harry Potter tree!

The kids crafted most of the ornaments and I helped with the detailed hot-glueing for the yarn wrapped ornaments and the golden snitches. (I also sewed a batch of lightening ornaments.)

I can’t even tell you how much I love their creations- Harry Potter goodness on every Christmas tree limb.

Their Harry-Ron-Hermione-Hagrid-Dumbledore-Draco-Luna-Cho-Neville-Hedwig-Albert-the-pygmy-puff painting is SO on point…

…and Piper’s house scarf and garland crocheting is pretty much the best…

Harry Potter Christmas tree (and tons of DIY Harry Potter ornament ideas!)

…and their potion bottle creating would make Professor Slughorn proud…

…and their mini broom assembling adds a little we-love-quidditch nod…

…and their hot glue portait embellishing (idea and printable portraits here), which might be my favorite…

…and spell book crafting (we got the idea and instructions here) which is my other ‘favorite’ contender.

The Ravenclaw scarf-wrapped tree collar deserves its own special mention (Pi wrapped-and-taped all those scarves around the tree collar). SO FUN right!?!

So many favorite things wrapped up in one tree! Merry Harry Christmas, friends!

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  1. Such a fun idea!! Your kiddos are just like their momma – so creative and fun! Your fellow Harry Potter fans give it two thumbs up!

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