stocking stuffer ideas for kids & babies

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This year, our house has been a bustle of kiddos of every age and stage (we got our foster license again and have had a couple baby girls for the majority of the year). Under our roof, we’ve had a high schooler, a middle schooler, an elementary schooler, a toddler and a baby. This means that I am your GIRL for kid and baby stocking stuffer guides!


1- Jacob’s Ladder Toy (vintage fun!)

2- Taki Airpod Case (this is a weird rec to me, but was unanimously recommended)

3- Taylor Swift Eras DIY ‘Poster’ (love the DIY aspect of this ‘poster’)

4- Bath Color Drops (these look too fun!)

5- Light Up Yoyo (got one for Bo, but I think even the big kids would love one!)

6- Owala Water Bottle (a Stanley alternative- all the kids said they’d be happy to receive one of these)

7- Tiny Microphone (I ordered several of these for white elephant gifts- definitely gifting one to one of my nieces as well)

8- Kid’s Harmonica (I have a whole list of kids that would love this)

9- Harry Potter Music Box (I don’t know what the draw to these little music boxes is, but my kids love them… the HP theme takes it up another notch)

10- Jellycat Octopus (Bohden LOVES octopuses and also loves the softness of Jellycat, so this is perfection)

11- Kwik Stix (we only discovered these this year and they quickly became everyone’s favorite art-project-medium! Even the big kids!)

12- Instax Mini (again- crowd pleaser for so many age groups)

13- Christmas Mad Libs (the bigs fell in love with Mad Libs long ago and often make their own- these Christmas ones will be tucked into their stockings this year)

14- Premium Colored Pencils (SO GOOD)

15- Vintage Slinky (even better if you have stairs)

16- Blanket Lovey (a fan fave for the under 2 crowd around here)

17- Detangler Brush (LIFE SAVER for detangling wet hair!)

18- Stacking Rock Blocks (we discovered these at our local library and then got a set of our own- SO GOOD)

19- Name Puzzle (we ordered this as a gift for one of our favorite kiddos in the world this year and it was a huge hit!)

20- Tub Crayons (these are a huge bath time hit around here)

(these look too fun!)

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