repurposed organizational tools: formula cans

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A friend of mine who knows my affection for tins and cannisters and boxes that can be repurposed into fabulous storage gave me a treasure trove of formula cans last week. Of course, I’ve spent the last hour searching out fantastic tutorials for how best to make these cans look like the mod and beautiful storage they were meant to be. Apparently wallpaper is a miracle medium when it comes to cans… Here are the wallpaper covering tutorials, as well as a few others for kicks:
magazine covered canisters at quidnunc
wallpaper covered canisters at canadian home & country

decorative paper covered paint cans by design*sponge

wallpaper covered cans by elizabeth anne designs

modpodged cans by gingham cherry

wallpaper covered cans by creature comforts

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  1. These are great…way better than the blue and yellow Enfamil logos. 😉 Thanks for the visit!

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