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Wedding programs are the epitome of fabulous-wedding-accent in my mind… You can use them to communicate all sorts of useful information to your guests and at the same time, they tie in your colors, your repeating motifs, and your creativity. Wonderful!

A short list of the reasons I love these programs we did for Kristin and Brian’s mountain wedding:
*the palette- the plum, fushia, lime, mango and chocolate variety is stunning!
*the pocket… and the signature cocktail recipes tucked into the pocket
*the way they add a punch of color to the ceremony
*they’re multi-purpose- decor plus information communication in one!

Here are some other DIY program ideas (the fan programs by della stella were my inspiration for our cocktail fans at cocktails & mocktails):fans-and-programs-in-one (idea from martha stewart) are perfect for an outdoor wedding

a twist on the fan theme- a program-fan with entertainment on the back (by della stella at intimate weddings)!

love this idea by martha stewart for including the program and the recipes from your reception in a muslin bag
check out these 18 ideas of easy-to-make wedding programs at bhg

Happy program-ing!

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