stash crafted felted wool monogram ornament

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Y’all know how I’m a sucker for monograms… and ornaments… so that makes this the perfect craft for me (and all you monogram and/or ornament lovers out there)!

To make a felted wool monogram ornament, you’ll need:
-two pieces of felted wool (mine were about 5″ square)
-a printout of the letter you’re wanting to make (again, 5″ ish)
-a ribbon remnant
-sewing machine
***Again with the poor lighting/latenight crafting- sorry!

1. Trace your letter (backwards) on the back side of your felted wool.

2. Cut out two letters (do it at the same time so they match exactly).

3. Pin the ribbon hanger into your ornament. Also, pin your letter together so all the edges line up.

4. Sew straight lines across your ornament at random.

5. Gaze lovingly at your newly crafted ornament- perfectly personalized for you recipient. Wonderful, isn’t it?

***Shared at it’s so very creative monday and a soft place to land DIY day.

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  1. sweet and simple! love it! i have some felt and have been trying to think up cute holiday crafts with it and think I can manage this. thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Cute –I have a different monogrammed ornament I am going to be posting.
    Good to see you again-it's been awhile.

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